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A powerful opportunity to shift your experience among those who have made a decision to get clear about their vision and see it made reality!

If you are looking to gain clarity, understand your purpose, identify the vision that will usher you to greater success, move forward with all you desire…

Then these individual or group coaching sessions are for you. In these sessions you will:

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Together, we can shine the light on your vision and turn your goals and dreams into reality. …let me show you how.

Show Me How To Get My Vision In Focus
And Make It A Reality!

These One-on-One or Group Coaching Sessions are intentionally designed to help individuals and business owners gain clarity to personally and professionally articulate your desires and take specific action to achieve your goals.

How Does It Work? (I’m So Glad You Asked.)

The program includes:



By the end of this Coaching Program, you’ll see and feel the shift in your existence. Those who have worked in my group program before have tangible, quantifiable PROOF that the system works.

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The Vision Book Group by Tammy is very amazing! It really helped my dig deeper into my already spirit-filled self and finds a purpose-driven direction, and manifest abundance in places I only dreamed about. Now I am creating a vision for myself and learning how to manifest that into fruition! Since the beginning of her group, I have taken our business to another level, had growth in sales, more confident about my personal life, closer to my family, working on my personal fitness and spiritual motivation.
Devora Black
The Vision Book Club has changed my life in a positive way. I am 61, and had no idea what God has in store for me. I am a single grandmother pressing to help raise four grandsons. The Vision Book Club helps me to obtain a new vision for my life. So I can live in success and experience divine health with new goals and new Godly friends. Thank you to my cousin Tammy A. Watson for being led and obeying our Father God with faithfulness to create a vision for women all over the world.
Cheryl Collins
When I first started the vision book I was in Awe of the way that Tammy and all the presenters, presented all the topics I was totally blown away with the dedication of each of person. It made me revisited my vision that God has given me so many years ago, I thank Tammy for spearheaded this endeavor. I will forever be grateful to these lovely ladies.
Leonie Gillham

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Coach Tammy Watson is proud to partner with Destiny Global for this powerful personal development program. Tammy has worked directly with Dani Johnson and now Destiny Global for more than 15 years. Destiny Global is a training organization founded on 30 years of Dani Johnson’s teachings.

Dani went from homeless to millions in under two years and has trained hundreds of thousands of people around the world to take control of their money, pay off millions of dollars in debt, grow their income exponentially and heal their personal relationships along the way.

Coach Tammy Watson couples her decades of experience and success in the real estate industry business with her verifiable results from her Vision Coaching program with Destiny Global to serve individuals and groups as a powerful solution to life altering challenges.

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